I feel good today

Interviewed somebody I think I want to hire. I looking at another promising candidate today, and am thinking about hiring two. This growth is exciting, but a little scary.

I asked my senior litigator if we had enough work to hire two and he said “yes” without hesitation. He has been making jokes lately about working in the galley of a slave ship, so 2 may be in order.


Ah, well, it feels better to be hiring than firing. My move to my new office is finally set, and I can actually act on my business plans.

By the way, if you have not seen Over the Top, it is peak 1987, a very serious drama about arm wrestling. 31 years later, it is a fantastic comedy, as exemplified by Sly’s extremely earnest but truly horrible acting to that fake-crying kid.


So many bulging, sweaty, oiled up biceps. Many grunts. Peak Sly, and an adorable crying child. Throw in a training montage, and you got yourself an 80s sports drama.

I like to imagine a Hollywood studio office in the mid 80s with a bunch of execs sitting around the pile of blow they are having for lunch. "So we do a sports drama with Stallone, but get this (SNIFF) ...it's about ARM WRESTLING TRUCKERS! Nobody, I mean, nobody, has ever though of THAT shit before. (SNIFF)  It'll be fucking great!"

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