This contraption is a jig for my rear wishbones so I can make multiple sets and they’ll all end up exactly the same :) here’s how it works:

The basic structure is a sodding great box section for a level surface, and two tubes (one’s a rod really) of different diameters that after much f*cking around are dead parallel to each other and perpendicular to the box section.

The shorter sections of tube on the right will be my wishbone eyes, and the longer section of tube is a spacer to get them the right distance apart.

On the left I’ve gone for rose joints as the original suspension used solid nylon bushes there anyway so there was no compliance in that joint anyway. Again they have a spacer tube, and that brackety thing is to make sure they point straight when I’m welding.


Also to keep them in the right place there’s another spacer tube, and two nuts welded onto a piece of bar. Again, after much f*cking about they’re pretty much dead level with each other so when you screw them in and out of the main wishbone to adjust camber and toe they don’t splay at the ends. Unfortunately, they are ever so slightly out, but only by 0.5mm over the length of the thread protruding from the nut which is a trifling amount :)

Now all I need is to order some tube to connect everything together :) unfortunately, CDS tube is bloody expensive so that’ll have to wait, but for now here’s the design I’m going for :)