I feel like there must be a lot of overlap between car people like ourselves and boat people, so come on, Oppo, show us what you got.

This is my Blackman 23'. It's a beast. 11,000 pounds of offshore fish killing machine. Chevy 350 and Volvo Penta Outdrive for 30 knot cruising. Never has there been a better-designed boat for SoCal fishing. Also, it's orange.


This is my Hunky Dory 21'. Before C-Dory was C-Dory, they manufactured a few boats under the 'Hunky Dory' name. I have one of those. Flat bottom makes it super fast, but also super scary and uncomfortable in big seas. The Yamaha on the back is worth many times the value of the boat itself. Now with bonus Bronco.

This is my 21' Robalo. Sorry, couldn't find a better picture. Good boat. Fast, comfy, roomy, and easy to get around. Also pretty bulletproof. Came through Hurricane Odile with nothing but a broken window. Probably time for an upgrade on the Old Merc 225 outboard though.


This is my Glasspar 18'. It's a 1959 with twin 1983 Johnson 50s. Has minor historical significance, as it served as the first ever search and rescue boat on Lake Tahoe. Can run around all day for about 20 bucks in gas. Wonderful, wonderful machine.


And finally, La Zapatista. An old ass Valco I picked up for 200 bucks. This goes on top of the Tahoe in the top picture for righteous Baja adventuring.

That's it. Your turn.