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I feel super productive

I did productive-type things this week

Starting with the end result. I haven't carpeted the sub box yet but I cleaned up my install, soldered some previously wrapped wires, extended some, and got it all nicely hidden. Ran the power cables through a hole that the wiring harness comes through for a nice factory look.


I quite like how all of the cables just appear out of the floor right next to the amp

Mmmm..... so empty.


This is my high input connector. I didn't have the one that came with the amp so I just took a hacksaw to a PC power supply connector and nabbed a few pins for this. It was a 220w Compaq that long ago died so nothing of value was lost.


Also had a door tweeter that died long ago, and the only thing I had for a replacement was this speaker from an iMac G3. After violently desoldering the old capacitor crossover from the dead tweeter (the solder's melting point was far higher than the surrounding plastic) I soldered them together ghetto-style for packaging purposes.


This is roughly how the components are aligned in the door tweeter enclosure, with the wire snaking up the side. It works rather well, and doesn't sound any worse than stock, though they're pretty hard to notice anyways.

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