I feel young again

I was 2 hours late for work today, because I ran out of light yesterday installing sound deadening in the GT86 and had to finish it off this morning.

It’s been a VERY long time since I last found myself racing against time to get my DD back on the road in time for work: I gave that shit up as soon as I could afford to pay someone to work on the daily, and keep my own wrenching to the fun car. Brings back my yoof :-). Although I’m now a mass of aches and pains due to 10 hours of contorting myself round the interior, so maybe I don’t feel exactly like my 20 year old self.


Turns out there are downsides to this idea of combining daily driver and fun car into one vehicle....

Also: male Torx heads on the seat bolts? WTF, SubaruToyota?

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