...And found a weird accessory that I now want.

The Hilux Surf (aka 4Runner) got all sorts of weird goodies that we didn’t get here in the States. None of them see all that practical (well the power rear mirror is) but they’re certainly cool.

Pictured: The power mirror that effectively works as a back up camera

But what I want is weird and adds functionality I’ve always wanted from more modern cars. It’s called the Field Monitor (what a name). It replaces the garage door remote holder, but as I don’t have a garage that doesn’t matter.

It adds a compass, outside temperature, barometric pressure, and altitude. The GPS variant looks a a little different but I don’t think it will work in the Western hemisphere


Unfortunately, neither of these will work in my 4Runner. I don’t have the outside air temperature sensor for automatic climate control as mine is an SR5. Oh well. I guess I’ll have to buy a Limited.

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