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I felt old last night

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We were short a guy installing the Mazda booth at the San Jose Auto Show, so I was helping in ways I am not usually working. I usually do rigging and things, but I had to help position the cars later on and hook up the power, remove horn fuses etc... BUT I had to start the cars and all that, I have never owned a car with no key or push button E brake.... I can’t say I like this. Well I had to put the car in N to move the wheel as we jacked them up so the Mazda emblem on the wheel was straight, then lower it on a plexiglass square. I just didn’t like how I had to start it and how many things had to be a certain way for the car to do anything. I don’t know how I feel about a push button E brake on an SF hill, I can’t really tell what it’s doing. I have a 2006 CRV but it just has the door lock remote. I think the Mazda MX3 or something still had the regular e brake. Also the Miata had no gas flap release, you just push down on it and it opens! We have to put tape on the gas cap for the fire marshal. Rant over.


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