I figured out the BMW the Chevy Real People, Not Actors™ think the Malibu looks like

Today I happened to see a Chevy Malibu after I had been thinking about certain larger BMWs, thanks to this FP post comparing the 530i to the Alpina B7. And it hit me, like a ton of bricks: Chevy Real People, Not Actors™ can see into the future.

Little did we know that when Chevy filmed those Real People, Not Actors™ ads we all hate so much, the Real People, Not Actors™ had also been shown the BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo.


It’s the same rear quarter window, just a little bit bigger on the 6 GT.

This rear quarter window is literally the only possible explanation for those Chevy Real People, Not Actors™ thinking the Malibu looks like a BMW. Or an Audi, or Mercedes, or whatever premium German brand they thought it looked like. I’m not going to subject myself to re-watching Malibu Real People, Not Actors™ commercials to confirm whether or not one of those stupid annoying fuckers actually said the Malibu looks like a BMW.


They just knew the 6 Gran Turismo was on the way and this was their way of telling us about our impending large bloated hatchback BMW Honda Crosstour 6 Gran Turismo.

Bask in the glory of cargo space. Which, incidentally, is much more than a Chevy Malibu.


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