I finally bought a 911

Behold my new project car and one that will be covered in detail for Reidus and Cletus. It’s a 1966 Chevrolet Corvair Corsa 4-speed. And it’s my 911.

See, I have three favorite cars right now, the C3 Corvette, the Dino 246, and the long-hood Porsche 911. At long last, I own a C3 but the other two have remained elusive due to their values. So I got creative.


My Corvair has a 2.7L air-cooled flat six mounted in the rear. Sound familiar? At just 2,550 pounds, it only weighs 200-pounds more than a 1966 911. And while the Porsche made 148-hp to my Corvair’s 140, my ‘Vair makes a decent 160-lb.-ft.

The other cool thing is that my car is a Corsa model, one of just 723 sold in Canada for 1966. The Corsa was the 911 S of Corvairs and it came with HD suspension, fat anti-roll bars, HD 4-speed manual, and the top-spec 140-HP engine. This is the most driver-oriented Corvair of them all.


My car has some needs, obviously. It has giant holes in both floor boards, the interior is in shambles, it has no rear window and it hasn’t run in three years. But then again, I only paid $1,200 for this amazing piece of machinery so I still feel pretty good. In fact, I already mocked up a rocker panel graphic for it in Photoshop.


Yup. Get ready for a 911-themed Corvair build.

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