I finally bought a new car!!!

Well, well, well. The time has finally come and I found a car that I really like. And what I bought is... some backstory.

CLK550 cabrio - my old car

Recently, I sold my CLK550 cabrio because I didn’t really want a 3965lbs Mercedes with a V8.


Before that CLK, I had VW Golf TDI. As most of you know, VW went through a rough patch, “diesel-gate”, and I sold my Golf back to them. I really didn’t want to be associated with a car that polluted way more than it should have.

Little did I know, I’d come circling back to the people’s car brand once again. This time in the form of their performance models. The GTI and the Golf R.

not my car..

So here I went; test driving GTI’s and Golf R’s at Carmax and with private sellers.


The GTI is a great car first off; it’s affordable, good on gas somewhat, and has lots of goodies that make it both comfortable and a great canyon carver. Plus the new MK7 looks aggressive and I like that.

The Golf R on the other hand takes the cake and eats it too. It’s VW’s AWD, 300hp hot hatch, and it really blew me away in terms of power delivery (smooth yet vicious).


So here I was, mulling over either the GTI or the Golf R, with the occasional trip to bringatrailer and Mcoupebuyersguide. But my friend’s advice really stuck in my head, thanks E90M3. He said I should buy the car I want, because I usually go with a car that’s not that fun or is cheapish.

So with that in mind, I picked the:

GOLF R! WOOOOOOOOO. It’s a DSG Limestone Grey 2017, with Driver Assistance package and DCC.


review coming soon.

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