So I have a hobby of resurrecting old (pre 80 mostly) japanese bikes. It is work I enjoy, and even though these bikes are generally quite reliable for their age things still break on them. As work permits I do one or two a year, and have several others follow me home. Some I keep, some I part out to fund others and some I sell outright after giving it a once over.

My favorite bike is a 71 Honda CB500, a nice bike that is a blast to ride and has proven quite reliable for being 46 years old and having 33k miles on it (I put 10k of those on it). It tends to break down a couple times a year though. It could be as simple as a condenser fails, or as complicated as a serious oil leak I spend months chasing. Each time something breaks I have to order parts then find the time to fix it and it’s usually down for a month when this happens.

I have been wanting take longer rides and a trip or two on a bike, but I don’t like to take my old machines more than a few hundred miles from home. That’s about all the further I would be willing to call my wife and ask her very nicely to hook up the trailer and come get me...

So my wife (who is amazing) has quite wonderfully tolerated never being able to park in our two car garage, and storage sheds littered with old japanese steel and aluminum has been trying to convince me for a few years now to buy a new bike. I’ve been able to hold off for a the last couple years but I couldn’t anymore.

I got a promotion earlier this year which came with a quite nice pay bump and another week of vacation and my wife would not be assuaged. I had to buy a new bike this year, or she was going to do it for me.

So for a long story short, I’m keeping most of my old bikes but clearing some space. Any Missouri/Illinois Oppos want a project bike? I’ve got a few that I would part with. I also signed the paperwork on a new 2015 CB500x last night!



It still has to be prepped and setup but I’ll be picking it up Saturday. I plan on putting a lot of miles on this guy, it comes with an unlimited mile 1 year warranty... :)

Two Wheels Good!