I finally bought an MKC!

We finally found a Lincoln! Really lucked out too. We originally went through Carmax which ended up being a hellish, torturous affair which I shall never put myself through again. Seriously, screw them. Because of them we went without a second car for nearly a month but the storm has cleared!


The one you see here, we stumbled upon by accident at a Ford & Lincoln dealer in Fredericksburg, VA. It hadn’t even been listed online yet because it had just been traded in. This one’s a 2015 MKC Select 2.0L AWD. It seemed to have been owned by an elderly individual judging by the thick-ass reading glasses I found in it and the fact that it only has 8600 miles on it. The Carfax Report was ridiculous. The previous owner brought it in for an oil change almost every 1,000 miles for a total of seven times in the three years they owned it. In immaculate condition inside and out. Very happy with it so far!!

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