After what seemed like an eternity searching for my next vehicle I finally found one that I was willing to pull the trigger on. I always figured I was going to end up with something like a Taco, Frontier, 4Runner etc. but the value that those types of vehicles hold out here ( 4 corners-ish area) is simply insane.

So I decided to embrace my family’s car buying style and ended up with a hugely depreciated, German luxury SUV.

I refer to it as my ugly car with a beautiful engine. Its a 1 owner, 2005, CayenneS, got it for a pretty good deal (after passing its PPI with mostly flying colors). I’ve pretty much lived my entire life with used BMWs so Im fully aware of what I’ve got myself into but I have to say that so far I have no regrets. Feel free to AMA about why Im a masochist, etc, or just enjoy the engine porn of a fancy Touareg.