After much consideration of all the options. Full size vans,step van delivery truck, Cube van,ect. Turns out a Skoolie is the most logical choice. You get MUCH more for your money(literally and figuratively).

You can buy a great bus for under $5K. Where used of any of the other options are easily over $10K and closer to $15K for something of the quality I’m looking for.

I’m now actively on the hunt for the perfect bus. I have some pretty specific requirements so it will probably take a long time to find “the one”. My main criteria is the overall length. The Bus can be no longer than 28 feet. My driveway is exactly 30ft long and I need the bus to fit in the driveway without having to be 2 inches from the garage.

The the engine/trans combo is also pretty important.

I want an International DT466 paired to an Allison MT643 tranny. (Could settle for a 5.9L cummins but the MT643 is a must.


The absolute holy grail would be a shorty flat nose bluebird like this one.


Push comes to shove it it had the right powertrain and drivetrain I could settle for a conventional international 3800 bus like this.