A very small thing, but nonetheless, a thing. Fitted cambolts to the 86's front suspension. A nice easy way to get a little more camber and extend the life of the PS4s without going to the expense of doing a proper job. We’ll see if they survive OK at the track: if not, I guess it’s camber plates.

This fulfills the commitment I made a few weeks ago to do at least one goddamn piece of work on a car before the holiday season ended.


As predicted, I wound up in trouble due to needing a tool I didn’t have and couldn’t easily get in the holiday season (“holiday season” in NZ = “total and utter shutdown of the entire country for 2 weeks”). Seriously, Whiteline, a 20mm nut on a bolt over-length enough to need a long socket? What’s wrong with 19mm or 21mm like normal people use?

Fortunately, a little creative engineering using a 13/16" spark plug socket and some offcuts of 0.5mm aluminum let me torque it up just nicely:

Oddly enough, according to my highly sophisticated wheel alignment jig, it wound up at zero toe without needing adjustment. So either:

  • The centre of rotation of the hub on the strut bolts is level with the steering arm - possible, and I’ve noticed before some nice detail engineering on these to make modification easier. But lets face it, unlikely
  • It was previously misaligned with significant toe-out: also possible if improbable, though it used to track fine - haven’t taken it for a run yet and seen if that’s changed.
  • I’ve completely ballsed up the toe measurement - lets face it, this is the most likely reason

Either way, it’s going in for a proper alignment ASAP - this check was just to see it through till that happens.

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