I bought an Isuzu VehiCROSS.

It is not, I should point out, a ‘collector grade’ VX. No, this is a 320k mile $1600 1999 VX...basically a That Bastard Kurtis-spec VX. High mileage, low price garbage is my bread and butter, though I actually wouldn’t go so far as to call this garbage. Its remarkably solid, with very very little rust on the body and practically none underneath.


This is also my 50th vehicle. I had been saying I had to get something special for my 50th, and whats more special than a VehiCROSS?!

I had been thinking about replacing my Jetta, but I’m actually expanding the fleet to four vehicles instead of trying to use this as a commuter. Its going to be my project and at-least-once-a-week ride to work, because it does run and drive as is...its actually currently RI inspected through June of this year.


Sorry for the pictures, I didn’t have time to take any of my own so I’m using the best of the seller’s Craigslist photos.


Its funny how this worked out. The truck is in Exeter, Rhode Island...in Rhode Island terms thats far away from me in Warwick, maybe a 30-40 minute ride, but I never get down that way. Today at work I had literally nothing to do, so they sent me to do a transfer to our Kingston store, and that happens to be about 10 minutes from Exeter. Loaded up the transfer coming back, called the seller, and a few minutes later I was checking out a VX.

Anyway, it has a few things it needs. Most notably, the Torque-on-Demand system isn’t functional. If you shift the truck into 4L it goes into 4 wheel drive, but it only operates in 2H otherwise. The seller and I believe this to be because of a wheel speed sensor issue...it also shows an ABS light, so that makes sense to me. Worst case you can actually bypass TOD and just make it into a regular 4x4 system, so thats a cheap option.


The hood is a bit junk, it started to rust so the seller painted the whole thing with bedliner. I don’t hate it, but I’d just as soon try to remove it and fix the rust or just find a replacement hood.

The suspension feels a little tired...at 320k it probably ought to be. The front end feels loose, so new bushings and stuff would probably be a good start.


Its throwing an o2 sensor code, and the exhaust is a bit loud, so I’m thinking of having a new custom system built for it. Also needs a driver side window regulator, so thats cool.

Basically I’m just stoked because CHEAP VEHICROSS. This is the third one I’ve tried to buy...a 2000 Foxfire Red was way too rusty (would have needed a new frame), and a 2001 Dragon Green with a blown engine sold before I could get to it. I wasn’t letting this one get away too.


I’m a VehiCROSS owner. It feels good, you guys. Really good.

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