It is easily the best thing I have ever driven. Sweet Jesus, it was like a cloud — a sexy, fast, sexy, sexy, cloud.

Unfortunately it had 140k miles, never had timing belt serviced (thank you, nice lady at Audi of Bellevue who looked up the service history for me :D), leaked and burned oil like crazy, had a strong almost dizzying smell inside when idling, and was being sold by an incredibly shady dealership, and had previously bounced around four other dealerships without selling. Also, they claimed it didn’t leak oil, and then I showed them it definitely did, then they came back and said it had the valve cover gaskets just replaced. To which I replied: then why is it still leaking and burning oil? He said it was residual. Right. He also wouldn’t produce said service record (all the others were in the glovebox) of the service that the dealership allegedly just paid for. He said “if it still leaks after you buy it, we stand behind out work, they will definitely fix it for you.” HAHAHA right, not based on all your reviews that entail NOT standing behind anything you do or say. And also there’s nothing TO stand behind because you don’t even have said service record of said repair. At the very end, the “best [he] could do” was $235 off of asking price. HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA Goodbye.

Where do I go from here? I may one day shell out for a good one, because holy shit what a wonderful drive it was — outside of feeling nauseous from the fumes.