First off, I’d like to give props to my local Hyundai/Genesis dealer for the fantastic service. I’m not just saying this either. Every single time I go this place it is wonderful. I was even more elated to find out that the dealership was Black owned. While this may not be a big deal to some, that’s a big deal to me since there aren’t many Black owned dealerships. At least not here that I know of. So if you’re ever in the area, check out Moreno Valley Hyundai/Genesis.

Its good to see that dealers are finally getting inventory for the G70. They have about 15 on the lot. I took my Sonata in for its oil change the other day and I noticed them immediately upon driving in. Well my mom did, who was with me. As I was talking to the service adviser, she made a bee line for a loaded Black 3.3T with the performance package that was sitting right in front of the dealer. It was gorgeous and she was sold. I started telling her about the car when one of the Genesis product specialist came over and started talking to us about it and how exited everyone was about the car. She started telling him her affinity for BMW but how she had started to notice how Genesis was on the up and up. While they talked, I made my way inside to see if there were any Genesis product books I could look over.


Thankfully, they finally got product books in to look over. For the full line too. I grabbed one for the G70, G80 and G90. They also had a small one for the G70 special editions that goes over the Red G70 Dynamic Edition and the Green G70 Design edition.

Parked right behind the bookshelf with all the brochures was a beautiful white G70 2.0T Sport with a manual. The only one on the lot. Sticker on it was just over $39k. Sadly I wondered how long it would sit before someone comes and buys it.

As I made my way back outside to my mom talking to the product specialist, somehow she had found and was talking to the owner of the dealership, Mr.Brown. He was extremely nice and personable and apparently she had run down everything about me to him. My affinity for cars since I was a kid, me writing about them, my current car etc. After introductions, he turns to me and says “Your mother was just telling us about how interested you were in the G70. If I could get you in one for the same payment, would you be interested?” I almost said duh, but I didn’t want sound like a teenager. So while my mom talked to the owner some more, me and the product specialist went onto the lot to find one for me.


What color would you want?” He asks me as we walk towards a row of about 8 G70’s. Black. I love Black I reply. I noted that if I were to be getting one it would be the 2.0T. Of course the 3.3 would be ideal but I like the 2 for a few reasons: fuel economy, and price (especially compared to the competition. More on that later). So I settled on a Black 2.0T Advanced trim that stickers for $36,095.


Upon getting in the G70, you’ll be impressed with how quality everything looks and feels. From the stitching on the dash, to the armrest, to the seats, everything looked and felt good. The standard features list is impressive. 8 speed auto, LED DRL’s, power drivers seat, Android Auto/Apple car play, smart trunk with hands free opening, Sat radio controlled thorough a standard 7 inch touch screen. That’s just a few. What’s even more impressive is how many driver aids are standard: forward collision warning with pedestrian detection, driver attention warning, blind spot collision warning, rear camera and lane keep assist are standard. On all trims. That’s crazy to me.

I also love how even the lower trims come standard with paddle shifters. There are some nits to pick with the interior however. Rear seat leg room is tight, but given its proportions and it being a sport sedan, its to be expected. Also some interior pieces and buttons, while look quality, can be cheap and are shared with other models. I noticed a few buttons in the interior that were pretty much lifted straight out out of my Sonata and a few other models. Also the UI, while it works and is familiar, is the same one you’ll find in my Sonata or an Elantra or any other Hyundai model. The gear selector is weird too. It doesnt actually physically move through PRNDL. It only moves forward and backwards. So you have to tap it twice to get it into drive. Park involves pushing it into R and then pressing a separate button marked with P for park that sits alongside the shifter. It all came across as unnecessary.


One of the first things I noticed before driving was the drive mods the G70 has. My car only has 3: Comfort, which is a balance of the other 2, eco, which can be described as holding the car back for maximum fuel economy and can be a little annoying, and sport, which actually does change throttle response and makes the car a little more peppy. The G70 has 5: Eco, Comfort, Sport, Smart and Custom modes. They change everything from stability control and how much boost the steering has, to how the trans shifts. Its also a nice touch with how the instrument cluster changes color with each mode. 3.3T models get the availability of changing the suspension dampening as well.

Let me say this now, Genesis engineers did their homework on how a sport sedan should drive. The steering is quick and direct. This thing could handle its own in the twisties. The 2.0T is plenty quick for the car and sounds good. With 252 horses, it can hold its on in those stop light races and on those freeway on ramps. 0-60 seems like its about 6.2 seconds. Sport mode is actually sport mode, with the trans holding shifts at the proper time as well. And those paddle shifters actually work. The engine is also equipped with a start/stop system that can be fully turned off thank god. My only gripe with the performance though is that the engine is laggy. Laggy to the point that from a stand still, when you push on the gas to get going, its a few hundred RPM’s before the car actually starts moving. Other than that, I could easily drive this thing. I took the car over some terrible roads and the ride was still smooth which, given the handling of it, is surprising.


I came away impressed. Both me and my mom said that a G70 would be our next cars, though it would be mine before hers. Shes set on a 3.3T model I would be fine with the 2.0T The car is fantastic for the money. You’d have to be a real badge whore to not see the thousands that you would be saving over a comparable 3 Series, A4, IS, etc. So hopefully soon, a G70 will be in my driveway.

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