I didn’t fit in the car.

My head touched the roof the entire time even with the seat as low as it’d go. It was a GT2 with the panoramic sunroof.

I fit just fine in the regular 2.0T without a sunroof.

Here’s the kicker: the dealership wanted a $1500 “regional adjustment” markup and $2000 in other stupid shit.

Plus I’d have to pay extra for them to get a base GT from another dealership.


So that’s that. No Stinger GT for me.

As for how it drove? It drove nicely, actually. The materials weren’t quite as nice as I expected, but they’re fine. The 365 hp 3.3 V6 packs some punch, but it doesn’t feel faster than a 440i Gran Coupe. It feels about as quick as a 430i Gran Coupe.

Sadly, I was too busy having my head hit the roof and oh shit handle to care about anything else.