I finally drove a pickup truck

Happy Christmas... but it honestly drives like it looks.

Rough... certainly not my kind of car.

To elaborate, I’ve driven many GMT900 versions, even the PUV Tahoe, but this feels a lot worse. Firstly the steering is absolutely numb, to the point that I can’t accurately tell where the truck is going, second the suspension seems absolutely busy and uncertain of it’s position in life or what it should be doing. The 5.3 Vortec V8 feels really gutless, and the ride is absolutely unbearable.


However, despite its size, it’s very easy to drive; the high seating position means that you can measure everything accurately; even small-ish parking spots like the one I stuck it in.

However, this is the fastest vehicle in Mexico City because it can run over everything, speed humps? no issue. Bad pavement? Who gives a fuck? a curb? eh. I have never driven a vehicle that can be driven so quickly and so irresponsibly with so few drawbacks.

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