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I finally experienced 1000hp (ZL1 Review)

There are so many videos on-line of cars making 1000hp that you would go numb to it all. I was “stuck” on mid 600's for a while on my personal channel. To be honest, those “lowly 600" cars (also a ZL1 and a procharged Mustang) were already very fast.

Then came the day I stepped into this thing. And whatever was fast in the past was completely and utterly erased from the map. Your perception changes when you drive something as savage as that. You suddenly understand everyone saying”It’s just a 1000hp” probably does not understand the gravity of their words. 1000hp might not translate on video, and people have gone far beyond that mark. But the moment you are in the drivers seat? Well... I promise you won’t say “It’s just 1000hp” anymore.

What’s the highest HP car you have driven? I’d love to know!


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