Personal life has been stressful lately. Same with professional. I came home for lunch yesterday and had a moment where I flopped on my bed and couldn’t move. At all. Just.......10 minutes of nothing. Finally dragged my ass to the fridge for half a sandwich and contemplated a beer at lunch (went for the lemonade instead). It has been a long week......

But today I got home, hopped on the bike, and spent 3 horus cruising all aorund these side roads and park roads and everything else I could find nearby. It just kept getting better and better and I rarely exceeded 30-35mph. Sure my turn signals are wonky and yes my right side plastic covering is gone but you know what? That didn’t matter. I had the road. I had my bike. And then I had ice cream from a local place and totallyout bad-assed the hipsters on fixies. Also out bad-assed the hipster on a terribly hobbled together “cafe racer” with his wimpy little skull cap helmet and swimming goggles.

I think I revved at about 100 girls on the ride. Weirdly enough the older women really really loved it. Way more than anyone else. But I was on this little access road by a lake and snaked my way through some parks and there were girls everywhere jogging’s become a reflex now.


And the entire time.......My mind was silent. My fears and insecurities and doubts and all the incidents and arguing and everything else from the past weekend? Gone. No time for that. Just peace. Just.....Zen. Me and the nighthawk. I splashed 5$ of gas in her and rode for another two hours and the tank still reads full. Then I got home, opened up the headlight to access the front turn signal wiring.....and found out that some ape plumbed in a new signal but got the wrong one or something and made it use bigger connectors...........shit. Oh well, so it goes. I can fix it. And then I’ll be back out there eating up the miles with a big smile on my face.

quick edit - Just to clarify, the motorcycle is not *literally* saving my life. I am not in any danger or anything like that, it’s the usual down in the dumps feeling after hard patches in life. However, the motorcycle is helping me.....accelerate the healing process :P