I finally got my truck back and fixed!

No response from my message to Carmax’s corporate. So going to talk to a service manager when I get some time.

(dates in MM/YY)

$2050 paid

$700 on 3/16, blend door replaced.

$420 on 6/17, $220 not covered. Caliper and pads replaced, rotors not covered.

$0 on 11/18, $182 not covered. Oil change+diagnostic. To fix a P0301 light and a horrible misfire.


$0 on 11/18, “diagnostic waived” because Carmax just sent me to a dodge dealer after not fixing it in the previous repair.

$2011 on 12/18, $53 deductible. Two sets of lifters and a bent pushrod replaced by a Dodge dealer. This is the repair that Carmax refused to do. Carmax claimed this should be a $0 deductible.

Total so far:

$3131 covered, $455 not covered.

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