I’m in Austin for the night with the kids visiting my family just west of town. Wife is back in Houston so she can go to the Texans game tomorrow. Had to run an errand, decided to take the most funnest detour I’ve ever taken. YEEEEEEHAAAAWWW!!!

So a year ago, I had to get a new (to me) car because shit happens. I chose a 2008 Cadillac CTS with the 304 hp V6. It only had 63k on the odometer, and I got a great deal on it. Anywho, I’ve never had a chance to drive it to Austin (we always drive my wife’s Expedition here), take it on the hilly backroads west of Hippyville, and flog it.


Side Note: I was actually a volunteer firefighter out here from the time I was 16 (seriously) until I was 22. Holding that position means that you need to know the roads REALLY STINKING WELL. Where every corner is, every hill, where the hazards are, etc. Before today, I’ve only drive the roads in either my personal truck or a fire engine. Tonight, though, I got to PROPERLY drive the fun route.

Keeping the transmission in second while taking a hair corner turn at the base of a hill. Accelerating (cautiously) up a straight stretch before slinging into a dog leg right turn. Having to stop myself from giving it the gusto to catch air at that one hill right before Mike Dell’s old house/hilltop fortress. Oh the feelings!! Why have I never done this before?! Is this why my dad refused to allow me to own a fast car when I was 17 (he’s told me flat out it is)?! Holy hell!!!

Imagine a very fun six mile long technical track, and now add the changing elevation of a roller coaster. That’s what I drove tonight, right before this wicked ass cold front blew through (started the route at 65°, ended it at 54°). For clarification, and inb4 “TAKE IT TO THER TRERK”, I didn’t speed recklessly; you can’t actually speed too much on these roads because of both the abundance of corners, topography, and deer. But taking the corners and topography in a proper car, in a proper manner, was more than thrilling.

When the next time I’ll be able to do this run in the CTS is anyone’s guess. But I’m glad I finally did it.


Now to go buy a CTS-V.

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