I finally installed that new door, and dammit, no power windows, locks, or mirror fold! Also bad scratches!

Bumping for evening crowd and adding some more pictures. So we had a major typhoon through about noon in Tokyo, so I got the day off from school. After noon, while things were still gusty, the sun came out and the temperature was nice and warm. So I decided to tackle the passenger door, finally. I got it on... only to not have power working for most things.

Mirror adjusts and audio plays, but no power window, locks, or mirror folding. BUMMER. Electrical is far out of my experience, so I’m going to go to Honda after school tomorrow and tell them to just fix it. I did try to go to Honda at around 3PM, but no joy. It was closed because of the typhoon and hadn’t opened.


Also, yeah, hi, I’m alive. If you’re wondering where I went, you can find me over at AnimeNow with former Kotaku writers Richard Eisenbeis and Toshi Nakamura. The attempt to repair the Logo continues.


Here are these clear coat scratches that Flavien and I were talking about. Are they removable by elbow grease or would I need to repaint?


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