Illustration for article titled I find it endlessly assuming when anybody conforms to their groups stereotype.

I thought about blacking out the license plate of the dingle berry who parked their 3-series literally on the No Parking paint job, but screw it.


Yeah, Aldi was busy this morning, but it wasn’t that busy. I have no patience for people who think they are oh so special. I hope someone hit their car with a cart.

Merry Christmas Oppo!

Despite how salty I may sound, the holiday is going well for us so far. The presents are all wrapped. I bought a couple of take and bake pizzas for tomorrow. Not exactly a gourmet Christmas dinner, but they’re yummy and then my wife doesn’t have to cook. She deserves a break.

In a bit we’ll head to my dad’s house for Christmas Eve. Thanksgiving was a tense afair, which is not normal for our family, so hopefully things are back to their usual relaxed tone tonight.

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