Road and Track posted an article about the Alfa 4C’s washer fluid reservoir. I honestly really like this solution. Using the suction provided by a sealed straw to provide a way to check the fluid level is pure genius. Despite R&T’s tone in their article I am not really that bothered by the convoluted process because Alfa provides everything you need to make it as simple as they can. I also got a kick out of “refer to your Owner’s Manual on the USB card”. Alfa doesn’t even give you a proper manual.

What other cars do you know with interesting fluid reservoirs (either in their design or placement)? I like the wiper fluid reservoirs in the 1st generation Minis like mine. The windshield reservoir is hidden in the passengers front panel (I guess you could call it a fender but Minis don’t really have fenders due to the hood design). If you have headlight washers like I do you get a separate reservoir in the drivers front panel.