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I mentioned this truck a couple days ago, so I went out to look at one. Silver 2019 Limited 4x4 with 6,000 miles.

It was amazing. I felt like I was sitting in my RAV4, except my front end was big. It drove well, it didn’t feel too slow or too fast, and it rode nicely. Also, the pedals didn’t feel problematic. Because of how brief my drive was, I didn’t get to mess with features like the touchscreen radio, but there was a lot of familiar Toyota gear inside (also, no foot-activated parking brake, very nice).


The only bad things about this truck were the color, the price, and how it might be hard to turn into parking spots. Turning into spots is already an issue in my RAV4, so I usually back in. An angel at Tacoma World has a thread about adding keyless access to the passenger door. However, this drive told me that I want one. If a blue Limited with brown leather and 4x4 under $30,000 appears in the southeast within the next two years, I might just have to do it to ‘em.

Illustration for article titled I Fit!

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