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I fixed a thing.

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Well I had an eventful day so far. The plan for the day was relatively simple. Drop my friend to an interview, get a new collar for my dog and get a coffee as a treat somewhere in between. At some point through out the day my window decided to take a shit and completely refuse to go back up.
Now I know Honda Civics have a stigma for having generally crap power windows ..among other stigmas but I initially assumed I just needed a bit of lubricant and it would be back up and running.
The window decided to fall off the railings and get stuck inside the door. How it didnt crack or scratch I do not know.
Amazingly it was easier to repair then changing my tire about 3 days ago. I have helpfully condensed the process involved into a step by step guide.


1: unscrew and pull of the door card
2: Stick a screw driver in there and wiggle metal things
3: Shove and smack the window in a fashion that is clearly wrong
4: put things back on
4.5:take out the screw driver you left in there.
5: Power window luxury restored.

Illustration for article titled I fixed a thing.

Now to pull of everything.

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