Well actually two things, for one I replaced my broken speedometer cable with a functional one. This is the old one. Notably broked

But as a bonus while I was removing the steering column trim so I could figure it how to get my gauge cluster out I found a screw that I had dropped while installing my Momo wheel. It had been there for two years, and it was what was making the steering column tilt not work. Because it was jammed in the mechanism. So now after two years of not being able to see the top of my gauge cluster I can finally move my steering wheel up and see my move everything!

The Galant still has a long way to go, in fact last night I found out one of my rear wheels bearings is shot to hell. But at least I had a few little victories. Nothing motivates like a bit of success.

So now I just need to, weld my exhaust manifold, rebuild my turbo, replace the downpipe, then remove the transmission and replace the clutch, replace front lower control arm bushings and ball joints. Fix a brake fluid leak, replace/upgrade front and rear subframe bushings, replace rear left wheel bearing, and change all fluids.

Then hopefully next spring I’ll be getting coilovers, and a manual boost controller. Because the car will be fixed enough to start modifying it.