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For those of you who don’t know, the Miata has been without a functioning fan for.... Uhm. 1.5 years? Man, that sounds bad when I put it in writing.


My fix has been to just not drive it in traffic. Which works! The radiator is gosh-darn incredible, the hood vents get that hot air out quick, and an aftermarket coolant guage and sensor that’s 1,000,000 more betterer than the OEM unit let’s me keep an eye on everything. As long as I stay out of heavy traffic I’m fine, and temps stay low, no matter how hard I push the car.

Someone told me to try running the heat to see if that would keep temps low at a stop, and whaddaya know. Even just running defrost at 2/4 will keep temps from climbing past a safe point, whearas before I 100% would have overheated. Nice. Do I leave it be, or go super deep on the bad decisions and remove the non-functioning fan entirely for weight savings? 

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