Hi all!

Last Friday I noticed my window rolled up a little slow. Then at lunch I was driving the freeway to Harbor Freight and suddenly I had no power. The stereo cut out , then the engine quit and I was silently coasting.

I have a new battery, so I figured alternator. Some engineer was thinking too hard the day they planned this one. One bolt screwed backwards towards the firewall.


This is really my first wrenching project, other than changing oil.

But after a lot of Kroil the bolts finally started moving. I got it out, and to the rebuild shop Friday afternoon, and got it back this morning looking new. I did manage to do it all from the top, so thankfully no jacking required, I'm not really set up for that.

It really only took an hour to get it back in. The hardest part was getting the first bolt in, and too half the time.

But it’s back! No squeaks yet and getting proper voltage!


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