First is not car related, second is. Here is a picture of my friends girlfriends e36 that we just put some style 5s and coils on this afternoon.

(Her photo, I wish we coulda gotten more of the car in the shot)

So I spiked my iPhone on New Years and broke the camera and speaker somehow and pure laziness has been preventing them from working. So I fixed my brothers 5s screen today and took my 5c apart for the hell of it. A simple unplugging things from the motherboard and plugging them back in fixed my speaker issue!

Then this afternoon I started swapping my Eibach lowering springs onto the E36. The bolt that connects my brake assembly to my bilstiens sheared off when I went at it with the wrench and eluded all my efforts to remove it.

Moving on.

I swapped the back lowering springs in which was incredibly easy and I'm hoping the other front side goes easier tomorrow after work.


Still not sure how to remove the bolt though cause it didn't go anywhere even when I put the wheel back on the rotor and put it back down...

Going to retrieve my turbo sockets after work from my friends place and take another crack at it