This thing. It’s the heating/ventilation distribution control on a Smart Roadster.

I eventually realised that the reason I wasn’t getting much ventilation was that regardless of where it was the lever wasn’t doing anything and the system was stuck on maximum demist. According to Mr Google this is because the cable attached to the lever tends to come adrift. Time to investigate.


Over to the right we see a silver coil which is conspicuously unattached to anything. That would be the difficulty. It’s supposed to be attached to the pin with the slot in it directly in front. Just stick it back then. Trouble is that as you move the lever to the left there’s a slight upward pressure on the coil and it’s likely to part company again. The recommended practice is to stick the end of a reasonably thick cable tie into the slot. So it was done.

We’ll see how long it lasts.

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