After the best part of 15 years service to our household...the transmission expired.

This drill (Makita 6337D...made in America!) is one of our favourite and most used tools. Its achievements include furniture, sculptures, follies, fences, cars, trucks, boats, a motorbike and, best of all, our last house.

The latest renovation job demonstrated that there was, however, an issue. The keyless chuck was not operating freely but worse still...there was a wobble in the driveline.

A quick squiz at an exploded diagram of the drill showed a simple tool. It also suggested that the gear assembly was ‘worn out’.


Some googling and a phone call parts! Genuine Makita gear assembly plus a generic Metabo metal keyless 13mm chuck and a chuck retaining screw. AU$150...which is much cheaper than a new trade grade cordless drill.

Disassembly is a simple matter of ten screws. And remembering how it goes back together...


It would have been easier to reassemble if I’d quickly remembered that the motor was very specifically housed into the case...for example.

Advertisement is now repaired. It runs straight, true and (surprisingly) quieter. It took longer to clean 15 years worth of sawdust and grit from the casing and the motor that it did to refit the gear assembly!

So now it’s ready for another 15 years...