I fixed the new Chevy Malibu

It has a face now! And no horrid convoluted character lines, stupid unibrow, or stupid split grille! Don’t ask where the bowtie goes.


This is the Malibu with the character lines highlighted. A “monobrow” connects both of the headlights and continues back along the side of the car before giving up on life and plummeting to the rear wheel well. From the tail lights, a similar character line comes forward and, like the Missed Connections section of Craigslist, it stops short of its goal.

In my redesigned version the character line starts with the headlights and smashes straight back through the car to terminate in the tail lights, linking the front and back of the car with a solid, strong character crease. The bottom of the car likewise has a line that swoops up to the tail lights. The upper grille that forms the “monobrow” has gone away and the remaining grille was moved ever so slightly upwards.

I think it looks like a softer Fusion with a little bit of some Japanese manufacturer. Mazda maybe? Probably because of the face. #bringbackcarfaces

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