My friend has had this Ranchero for 3 years. 289, t5, racing buckets etc. It’s pretty sweet. But the wiring is a bit avant garde. an ez-wire fuse panel mated to the original harness, many things daisy-chained together and spliced/lengthened, which defeats the purpose of “painless” type wiring kits.


It starts and runs fine, but had no headlights/dashlights and if you stepped on the brakes you lost yer blinkers and 4 ways. If main power was attached to the headlight switch, the headlights worked but killed brakes and tails. The car is equipped with a factory 4 way flasher switch which works but experiences a voltage drop under certain conditions, might be an intermittent pinch or a connection that works fine once it’s warm from resistance. I can’t provide an answer adhering to the scientific method (I like to know what the actual problem is, not just make it go away) So I’m just going to declare it “one of those things”. -or- “ I don’t know the scientific explaination, but I fixed on it till it was fixed”. He’s putting the gauge cluster back in as we speak, no phone calls yet.

Also you can’t see it but I’m sporting a “Skinner’s old Fashioned Steamed Hams” T-shirt, which is pretty cool too. Still need to make the 4 ways work at the same time as everything else, but I suspect the aftermarket fuse box may be geared to updating an old car without 4 ways and it doesn’t jive with the factory wired column. Rambling Rover probably knows though.