How horrible the E60 5-Series interior looks. Gross. The door panels are a bit of an ergonomic nightmare. Amongst other blergh.

Like what the fuck is this shit? It looks like you’re looking at the door panel while drunk, but you’re dead sober. Who decided putting all that stuff where it is was a good idea? ERghfhg fsuuerere ptut thte door handel theree Hanz.

Then there’s the hilariously small cup holders. This one blocks the whatever climate control thingy that is. What can you put in there? A bottle of Advil?


Then there’s the steering wheel. Which looks like it belongs in a 2001 Jetta.


Then there’s the seemingly random placement of pretty much eveything and anything. The passenger side vent doesn’t match with the center stack vents, the IDrive knob looks like a centercap, the e-brake is angled towards the driver, the dash looks like somebody tried to take it off, then decided to put it back on the wrong side around.

Just ew. It’s a shame, since the exterior of these cars looked great.