I finally completed the mini ITX system, and transferred the tuner card from my old Media Center computer, and that’s when things got stupid.

I don’t remember having this many problems before. Right now WMC thinks it doesn’t have a connection to the internet, even though the internet test FROM WITHIN WMC says it has a valid connection. Without that connection I can’t download guide data and therefore can’t schedule any recordings. I looked at various webpages and YouTube videos on how to fix this problem and have now gone from it taking a few minutes to tell me it can’t get the data to taking hours to make no progress on downloading the data.


The last time I set up WMC I don’t recall having this many issues. This is a fresh install of Win 7 Pro, with all of the updates applied. No other apps, other than AV and a few utilities I’ve used for years, have been installed. I’ve tried disabling the firewall and AV to see if WMC gets out to get its data, but nothing changed.

I guess I know what I’m going to spend the next day doing. It’s the last 10% that seems to take 90% of the time. Yes, I know I should go for Plex or something similar, but I don’t like the idea of paying for guide data so that I can record OTA TV; at that point I might as well reactivate my old TiVo.

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