Last week I helped a friend pick up a $350 1997 Camaro from the middle of nowhere, Illinois. Yes, you read that right, three-hundred fifty dollars.

What does a “running” (our hour drive home took over 5 hours... Yeah) and driving $350 Camaro look like you may ask? Well...

Yeah, not gonna win any beauty awards for a long time. But, it drives right and what my friend plans on doing with it is pretty great. We’re currently in the process of ripping the 3800 and 5-speed out and putting a 350 and 6-speed in. He’s already got a line on a new front and rear bumper and were eventually going to be cutting that ruined quarter panel out and welding a new one in.


It’s not even my car but I’m excited to help. I’m also going to be learning stick shift on it so that’s a huge plus.