Yesterday, I had a tourtiere (if you’re not Canadian, basically a mince-meat pie) topped with a runny fried egg with baked beans and potato-leek soup on the side. I didn’t take a picture because I don’t waste time with food pictures, Food’s for eatin not gawkin.

Now that I think about it, I do take pictures of my food, but only when I’ve made it, and even then only when I remember. I previously posted a homemade pizza but I only took the picture after I half-finished it.

This place makes a good chicken & waffles and a good eggs benedict, too.

It’s one of those places that I’m happy is successful but I wish just a bit less successful so I could grab breakfast on a weekend without waiting. It’s slightly annoying that they’re called a gastro-diner but I suppose gastro-stuff is in vogue.