The car is a 2013 V6 Accord Coupe. 46k miles for $16k. It’s really nice. Fully loaded, great power,and its a Honda. Factoring my trade in (which I’m underwater on) my payments would be less than $20 more than I pay now. But..


I still love my car! Unlike an Accord, I barely see any other cars like mine. I love how it looks and drives.

But I’m having issues. AC isn’t ice cold. I have a weird popping noise so I think my front suspension needs a lot of work. I don’t have cruise control, Bluetooth, or a sunroof. And it’s a Volvo so if something goes wrong I’m screwed.

The Accord is so practical and has all the options I really want. My payments barely change. It is more powerful than my car now. I just... I don’t want buyers remorse. Help. Please.

NOTE: Both are automatics. Sorry Oppo. Take my oppo card away.