HALP. Ive got this urge to trade my somewhat tuned B6 Audi A4 1.8T Quattro 6MT and go back to a G35 Coupe. Talk me out of it or something. My Audi has 112,000 miles on it and value can only go down.

I got the bug again after seeing some posts pop up on Jalopnik about 350z cars. I found this 2006 Coupe w/6MT as pictured below. I couldn't find a 350z that I liked (that wasnt an automatic)

I had my last G35 for roughly a year (pictured below). If that. The only thing wrong with her was the paint needed some detailing (spiderwebbing) and a war wound on the hood acquired from tropical storm debby. Damn old trees. I was totally fine with the poor gas mileage and tendancy to eat rear tires. That VQ35, fairly good handling and Infiniti's exhaust tuning was addictive.

When I moved to MN in 2013, some guy randomly offered cash for it and I stupidly sold it to him on the spot. Now, I see it around town occasionally and it appears he cut the springs (or something, it appears to ride like crap now) and the wheels were changed out to some black aftermarket fugly design.

First month of ownership: