A green Mazda2 and a white Mazda2. I’ve always liked these for some reason, but the 2 isn’t really my first choice for a car. However, the low price for a rather new car that is fun and cool occasionally makes me consider one.

The green one is $3000 and has 158k

The white one is $1700 and has 240k

The white one is a 2011 with more features such as fog lights and alloy wheels. The green one is a 2012 with steelies.


Neither has a sunroof, as one was never available on the Mazda2. Webasto has that covered, but it’s still an extra $1200 or so on top of the price.

Another big negative about the 2 is that they all have drum brakes! The cars at the top of my list all have 4-wheel discs.

I do like the green one better since green is a cool color, and I like cars with cool colors, but the price is kinda high, and I do like the fog lights and wheels on the cheaper white car.

The higher miles of the white car don’t bother me since 240k in a car so new means mostly highway miles, and the 2 should be easy to work on. But I really like that green color!


My current car is a 4th gen Maxima with over 290k (I got it with 250k), and will have 300k if I still have it by the end of the year, and is a transverse V6 which gets shitty mpg and is hard to work on. It’s also rusty as fuck. Either 2 should be relatively rust-free, and it will be rustproofed annually.

My first choice for a car is actually the Mada 6 hatchback, but it’s hard to find a 4-cylinder 5-speed 6 hatch. I’m also considering the Matrix XRS/Vibe GT and the 5th gen Camry manual (they even made a sporty SE version ooooo). The Matrix/Vibe is cool with that 8200-prm 2ZZ from the Celica/Elise, but it does require premium, which sux somewhat. The Camry is on the list because the Camry is an awesome car. I also like the Astra and would consider a non-silver manual Astra with the panoramic sunroof, but one big negative is that it has a timing belt, and also they didn’t bring too many of them to the US

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