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I found a long-forgotten piece of my Grandma’s old Impala SS today...

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Photo: Me myself and I

I grew up hearing stories of my Grandma’s beloved 1964 Chevy Impala SS, and I always dreamed of tracking it down and restoring it someday so she could see it again. She thought it was “The car to have in 1964”, and it was her baby. She bought it used at some point in the mid sixties, and drove it all the way up until 1980something when it also became my mom’s first car. And then it got rear ended by a drunk driver, the insurance company declared it to be totaled, they sold it to someone who said they wanted to restore it, and never saw it again. Sadly, my Grandma is no longer with us and based on descriptions, even if she was it’d be a miracle if that old Impala is still around. But just now, I discovered something familiar-looking hiding behind a bunch of boxes in my Grandpa’s garage... They must’ve salvaged this battered old hubcap after the crash and hung it on the wall as something to remember it by! Even though I may never get to see her actual car, it’s strangely exciting to get to at least see and hold a piece of it. Since my Grandpa didn’t even know it was there, he asked me if I wanted it, so someday I’ll hang it in my own garage as a tribute to my childhood dream car :)


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