Ok, I know that all you mid-westerners and northerners probably don’t want to hear from us southerners right now what with your -40 degree wind chill and all. But, hey, we have winter here, too. I actually saw some ice this morning – at least I think it was ice. Anyway, it gets plenty cold. I happen to be lucky enough to have a two car garage attached to my house. It only has two walls that are exposed to the outside; one of which happens to be the garage door itself. The garage door is also insulated which I highly recommend. Nonetheless, it can still get pretty cold in there. I have one of those electric oil radiator type heaters, but it doesn’t get along too well with the ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet if I am running my compressor or anything much else.

Suckling Leaf

So, I had an idea. I thought – what if I roll the windows down on the Leaf and run the heater at full blast. Now, I know this probably isn’t the most efficient garage heater in the world, but it worked beautifully. It worked so well in fact, that I eventually had to turn it off. Another bonus is that I could use the Leaf’s stereo as a gigantic Bluetooth speaker for my phone. The leaf was plugged into its level 2 charger the whole time, so it was actually running off of house current, not the battery. You can’t do that in an enclosed garage with a traditional ICE vehicle.



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