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I found a safety feature on my truck that needs to be on every vehicle

Yes I know it’s a bit of a click bait headline, but please stay with me on this. One of my biggest hatreds of the road are people who don’t have their lights on in dusk, dawn, rain, snow, etc. The usual response is “well I don’t need them to see others because it’s not dark enough”. Hey moron, it’s so WE can see YOU, not the other way around.

Well playing around with my 2015 Sierra I bought this week, I noticed with the headlight dial, you can rotate the dial to the left and turn the auto headlights and daytime lights off, but when you let go, theres a spring return that reverts the dial back to Auto mode. This is because the Auto and DRL are only off for that key cycle. Next time you start your engine, the lights will be back in Auto and DRL mode.


So smart, and yet so simple. Makes it so if you want to turn the Auto or DRL off, you have to do it every time you start the engine.

Second thing I’d like to see for every car is “lights on when wipers are on”. Had that in my previous truck and my new one. Just one of those things you wish was standard on every vehicle because you can’t fix stupid drivers, but you can help make smarter vehicles.

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