Somebody has an old Baja Bug in the city, and they parked it on my block!

This thing looked a little ratty, but super cool.

I'm not normally into headlight covers, but the little ones on this Baja are cool. I love the one side being rusty and the other not. I wonder if it was parked halfway under a cover for a while.

Cute stickers on the back. Wouldn't want to be pulled over in this thing.


The body's a little rough. It could use a little help in this rust patch. No surprise, though, given that whoever owns this old VW is driving it around in the snow and salt.

So cool that the engine sticks all the way out of the car! And I dig the tiny skidplate.


The fake Cadillac lights and the tow hitch are hilarious.


I have no idea what's going on with this motor.

It's amazing how bizarre this car looks in comparison to everything else on the street.


What I would give to have a car like this.

(Source: Autofrei | Car Photography Blog)