I found an engine

I was bicycling back to home and took slightly different route than normally. And then I did find a Zetec engine attached to a broken gearbox. I wonder what’s it doing there.

Maybe it’s related to the slightly damaged Mk1 Focus in the same parking lot? The shrubbery has taken some damage too. The poor Focus apparently came from the direction that can be seen in the first picture. It’s 40 km/h zone and the intersection (that can be seen behind) crosses with our capitol’s inner ring road.


A bit weirdly the police haven’t yet found the crash site even though there’s a 24h restaurant just across the intersection that’s very popular among policemen. The police leaves certain tape over things that they have checked out.

You can see the Focus from the road but there are couple of other abandoned and badly beaten cars in the opposite corner of the lot so maybe police didn’t realize that one of them had been crashed.

Any guesses what kind of speed is required to maul a Focus like this? Apparently the passengers walked away. The registration papers are stuffed in the rear wheel but the plates (along with the whole front bumper section) have vanished.


Maybe the driver was in hurry to do some urine sampling? Too bad (s)he forgot the kit in the car. The yellow parking timer says “perfect parking” in Finnish.


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