They actually let me sit in it. NA V8, non-F-sport but sport package.

The interior of the LC is even better than I imagined. The front seat would like being cradled by a soft goddess. The materials were top notch. The black-on-red is probably my favorite combo on this. Oh God I want this.

Window sticker? $102,500

Salesman was super cool. I told him I was burning time while my car got serviced, and I could never afford a vehicle like this in a million years — but he still treated me like an actual customer.


We talked cars. He definitely knew his stuff. He lamented the loss of the GS, but said that apparently the new ES will be available with AWD for the 2019 MY. History of Lexus. The difference between a sport package and the F-sport. Stuff like that.

Also got to see this:


I... I think I might like the LS500 even more than the LC — Except no V8!!! But still, what a looker.

After all that, I’m still happy getting back into my car. 7 grand is still much less than 102 grand, or so I’m told.